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Jade's Journal

20 December
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This girl you wanna get to know...
She's afraid of change sometimes..She's not always sure of who she is..She loves with all her heart, and is only afraid that someone won't love her back..She's not really as insecure as she says she is...but then again...she is..She loves music and writing with all of her heart..as well as God, who's gotten her through everything she's ever had to face..She's built walls that need to come down..She tries to trust, but then learns she rarely trusts anyone completely..She afraid to let things go she's held onto for so long because they feel like they're a part of her..and maybe, if she lets them go..she lets a part of herself go..She's dramatic..She doesn't give up on people until they give up on her first..and sometimes then she still has false hope..She's afraid of the future because it is change..change that she seems she can't control..although she did just get the contentment to apply for the right college..the one she used to say she'd never go to that only ends up making the most sense..She cries sometimes..She needs a lot..She thought she'd never have a fairytale come true..She thought high school couldn't ever change..She never knew she'd meet the people she has..She never knew she'd find a soul sister and a soul mate in a matter of three months..She said she'd never get engaged in high school..then she did..She thought she knew everything..then when she accepted the fact that she didn't, she learned more..Just when she chose never to accept anything less than what she needed, no matter how much that is..she found it..She still writes..She still prays..She gives her heart away..She feels the walls tear down..She thanks God..for everything..because she'd have never known what it's like to be okay without Him..and as for those gifts he gave her..the people who have made the biggest difference just by being themselves..those are the people she doesn't know what she'd do without..let alone the person she would be

Movie: Cry-Baby
Song: "Right Kind of Wrong" from Coyote Ugly (performed on the soundtrack by LeAnn Rhimes)
Animal: Cats
Color: *Silver*, Lime Green, Black, purple
Foods: candied sweet potatoes, fried squash, PIZZA
Feeling: Loving someone or something so much that nothing else matters
Hobbies: Singing, Writing
Music: Rock, Pop/Rock, Emo, Punk, Everything...
Baby Names: Girls-Angel, Alanna Boy-Addison, Brendan
Makeup: Eyeliner and mascara Color-black
Actor: Johnny Depp
Actress: don't really have one...but: Brittany Murphy, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Alexz Johnson...
TV Shows: DeGrassi, Instant Star, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 7th Heaven
Symbols: Stars, Hearts
Candy Flavor: Watermelon
Clothing color: Black
Wardrobe: jeans and a black longer tank top under a shorter cool shirt
Piece of jewelery: thumb ring
Title: Christian Punk
Topic: Sexual Morality
CDs: Ashlee Simpson, Instant Star soundtrack, it all depends on my mood really...
Type of people: Dreamers
Stores: Old Navy, JC Penneys, Kohls, Hot Topic, Claires, Spencer's
Cereal: Count Chocula

your new nickanme is KillerMay...wierd,but true,
you are a very dark person and have very dark
friends. Your not much of a person,more of a
vampire or something...okay,well you are
probably gothis=c or emo or something. So you
and your freinds want revenge of somehting or
on someone.Well, till that point...Good luck on

What Is Your Weird New Nickname?
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What love theme song are you?
"Unbelievable"--Kaci Brown
"You have young love, that is Sweet and Sincere. You Love with all your heart, and you always mean it. "

people label u as Punk. u r a bad ass. people like
u because of that. u wear alot of black but it
does not run everything. u donot lable ur self
and that is GOOOOOODDD!!! u like alot of rock

Wut do people label u as?
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this is what you bably look like or the people you hang with look like
Definatly Emo and people kno it you like dark
colors and hate preps you need lots help and
your striving for attention you most likley
have a lot of artistic talents people have
called you a goth at one point in life and u
have worn tight jeans once at least and lot of
dark makeup annnndyou either have a shaggy in
youres haircut or bangs in face with short ends
in the back all flippy if neither thair is in
your eyes, you may often find yourself hating
your life and parents also you cry oftenb/c of
the hurt in your life hang in there emo kid!

How Emo Are You?
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The University of Blogging

Presents to

An Honorary
Bachelor of
Survey Science

Majoring in
Cheesey Memes
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Blogging Degree
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chyse Highway
Fame City15
Lake Love66
Loony-Bin Lane479
Please Drive Carefully

Where are you on the highway of life?

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No smoking around chyse. Thankyou for your co-operation.


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98% of the teenage population has tried pot.
If you're part of the 2% that hasn't, copy this into your journal info

abortion is homicide.